Monday, December 21, 2020

Merry Christmas from Hile Controls of Alabama


Merry Christmas from Hile Controls

White Paper: A Dozen Ways to Measure Fluid Level

A Dozen Ways to Measure Fluid Level

Process engineers continue to search for more accurate and reliable level measuring systems. The demands of advanced automated processing systems, the need for ever tighter process control, and an increasingly stringent regulatory climate require better systems.

Improved accuracy of level measurement reduces chemical processes variability, resulting in higher product quality, lower cost, and less waste. Regulations set strict criteria for accuracy, reliability, and electronic reporting, especially those governing electronic records. The new technology for calculating levels helps to fulfill these requirements.

ABB, a worldwide leader in process control instrumentation, authored this excellent white paper describing the variety of technologies available to measure fluids in industrial applications. Download the white paper here.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Eurotherm Process Control and Instrumentation Product Guide

Eurotherm Product Guide

Temperature Control, Process Control, Measurement and Data Recording Solutions


Part of the Schneider Electric business, Eurotherm, is a leading global supplier of Industrial Automation and process control, measurement, and data management solutions.

Eurotherm's wide range of products is rich in features and designed for quick operation and reduced engineering time. They include market-leading control algorithms, recording, and data protection techniques that add value to manufacturing processes, increase efficiency, minimize waste, and ensure that data is kept safe for as long as possible.

A continuous research and development program supports decades of expertise in delivering world-class process management, recording, and automation to ensure Eurotherm technologies address the modern challenges faced across a broad spectrum of industries. 

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Non-invasive Fluid Identification via Acoustic Signal

Just like every person has a recognizable fingerprint, every fluid has a kind of acoustic signature fingerprint at any given temperature. When a sound wave passes through a fluid, a specific measurement is made. Perceptive Sensor Technologies' proprietary science generates an acoustic signal, then measures it and determines the signature for precise identification of fluid authenticity. This technology provides quick, accurate, and cost-efficient inspections. 

It is easy to scale and operates on any enclosed container, pipeline, machinery, or device. All fluids can be strategically tested or tracked continuously for timely transport, product quality control, theft prevention, and contraband discovery.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Applications for Thermal Flow Meters in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Thermal Flow Meters in Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment plants ( WWTPs) or publicly owned treatment plants (POTWs) must operate 24/7 to satisfy domestic, industrial, and storm drain sources. Sewage treatment includes eliminating pollutants from wastewater and sewage (human waste, animal waste, soaps, and detergents) to create a safe fluid waste stream that can be reintroduced safely into the ecosystem and a solid waste appropriate for reuse (usually as fertilizer). The primary applications for flow meters in wastewater treatment settings measure blower air to each pool in the aeration basin and measure digester gas flow.

The aeration basin is an array of treatment pools containing aerobic bacteria that breaks down sewage. A blower adds the necessary dissolved oxygen (DO) to the aerobic bacteria in the aeration basin. Too little oxygen destroys the bacteria, and too much oxygen is expensive; running the aeration blower accounts for up to 60% of all wastewater power consumed.

Digester sewage is called "sludge." When bacteria is added to the digester, the sludge breaks down and releases gas. This digester gas is collected, compressed, it's excess moisture gets removed, and is then cleaned in a scrubber. The clean gas is sent to engines or fuel cells for power generation, boiler water heating (for steam or hot water), and excess gas burns off at the flare. Many extensive sewage treatment facilities use digester biogas to operate the plant, minimizing their grid power consumption.

Developing accurate flow rate data allows wastewater treatment facilities to more precisely manage digester production levels, enabling tighter controls on methane levels and flaring. Kurz Instruments provides a handy application brief explaining where thermal flowmeters are applied. 


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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Disc & Seat Replacement for the Jordan Mark 701/702 Series Sliding Gate Control Valve

This six-minute video teaches the viewer how to replace the sliding gate and associated parts for the Jordan Valve 701/702 Series control valve.

The Mark 701/702 high-flow and super high-flow sliding gate control valves provide shorter stroke than a globe or plug-style valve, straight-through flow, and ease of maintenance.

A side or top-mounted positioner is available to overcome the typical hysteresis for a control valve and actuator and to ensure that the valve stem position is always directly proportional to the control valve command signal.

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